Lifeline Christian Counseling Center

Statement of Faith

The Center for Christian Counseling, Ltd (C3) believes that it is only the truth and power of God’s Word and the ministry of His Holy Spirit that can truly transform lives, marriages, families and society.
  • That God’s Word, the Bible, is the only source of absolute and inerrant truth and that Almighty God is the composer and author of every word.
  • That God’s Word, the Bible, is the revelation of Who the Person of God is and therefore the only source of wisdom that effective counseling can be based.
  • That the ministry of Biblical counseling which C3 provides is, in effect, “intense discipleship” designed to help the Body of Christ glorify God with their lives and receive the full, abundant life that the Lord always desires and intends for every one of His children.
  • That we exist as a ministry and business to provide authentic Biblical counseling to people of all faiths and denominations while proclaiming the Trinity of the Godhead as described in the Bible and a personal, grace-based relationship with Jesus Christ as the One and only means of eternal life.
  • That in ourselves we have absolutely no righteousness and are therefore completely dependent upon God’s love, grace and forgiveness, as expressed through the finished work of the Cross, for our salvation.
  • That salvation can only come through the covenant that God made with mankind through Abraham – through faith, by grace – and that man’s efforts and works are in no way relevant to our redemption (Romans 4; The Book of Galatians).
  • That our destiny as people is not dictated by biochemistry or family of origin, but rather the degree to which we trust God through faith and obey His Word, commands and precepts.
  •  That God clearly depicts in His Word what life, marriage and family was designed and created by Him to be and that our possession of abundant life is dependent on our obedience to His commands and nothing else.
  • That C3 as a ministry and organization will operate with the highest standards of integrity and that we will always tithe at least 10% of our profits as an expression of worship, appreciation and faith for God’s faithfulness and blessings.
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Our Locations
Lifeline Christian Counseling Center has three locations in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Check to see which location is most convenient to you.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Lifeline Christian Counseling Center
1979 E. Garfield Ave.
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Phone: (801) 455-6006
Fax: (801) 606-2845

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