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Men's Sexual Addiction Accountability / Counseling Groups

C3 - Salt Lake City Office (817-455-6006)
Conducted by Jerry Meade, LCSW
Friday Mornings from 7:30 am - 9:00 am
Cost $55.00 per session (insurance accepted)

Addiction to internet pornography, chat rooms, strip clubs, affairs and masturbation has become the most serious problem within the Body of Christ. Period. There is no more pervasive and destructive sin problem confronting The Church today, as evidenced by the steadily growing numbers of men seeking counseling for this problem at The Center for Christian Counseling (C3) and within Churches in our community.

In response to this growing need, Jerry Meade, LCSW (Founder and President of C3) began serious and powerful Men’s Groups for this bondage several years ago. The Monday evening group has been meeting weekly for three years; the Wednesday morning group for the past two. Many men have found freedom from sexual sin in their lives through these groups, and many continue to do so via weekly accountability and Biblical counseling.

The groups operate on a “three legged stool” premise: Leg 1 = Serious Accountability ; Leg 2 = Support ; Leg 3 = Biblical counseling. While there is no judgment or criticism received from other group members, just having to say out loud before your Brothers what you have been up to during the past week (with your eyes, hands, feet, mind and heart) is compelling accountability. At the same time, no one understands and can empathize with what you are struggling with than another Brother struggling with the same thing (like in AA) – thereby, the Support. In addition, at each group session, the Group Leader (Jerry Meade) waits for the Holy Spirit to lead discussion that night around issues of Biblical counseling that the Lord knows will most powerfully benefit the men in attendance that evening/morning.

Many have been freed in making their wives “the only playing filed” for their sexuality – a gift from God to be enjoyed within the contect of marriage only”.

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